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Aura Vital Massages Barcelona :  ( FOR MEN )

a massage is a huge caress and a caress can give more love in a minute than words in an hour

Here you will enjoy the best massages of Barcelona: quality, exquisiteness and professionalism.Live a very special day, a sublime moment in a unique place. The ideal way to disconnect for a while from the routine! . Enjoy a complete well-being throughout your body. Our massages will take you to a state of maximum relaxation in a clean, intimate, special and captivating environment. We guarantee an ideal experience.Body and spirit come together to rediscover harmony.

We invite you to a unique place that combines relaxation and the pleasure of leaving your mind blank, with a wide variety of services to prolong health and vitality, providing benefits to your body and mind with a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our massages are 100% quality and professional. We take care of every detail from the beginning to the end. Book now your massage in Aura vital massages of Barcelona.

Massage Therapist professional : Degree in Chiromassage, Tantra massage seminars and aesthetic body massage. Enjoy a multisensory experience. Start your wellness journey, healing body, mind and soul.

Massages of sensations

Not only do our shoulders or neck or back hurt, sometimes the problem lies in nervousness, worries, stress, bad feelings, sadness… We all want to feel a touch that relaxes us and makes us forget for a moment the real world. Our sessions are to raise awareness, harmonize, clean, expand, balance, enhance and increase energy frequency.

therapeutic tantric massage:

Tantra Massage in Barcelona

The therapeutic tantric massage is a massage made from the heart, with a lot of love, respect and delicacy. This is why it can heal several aspects of the person, if it opens up to receive. It is a holistic massage, since it works encompassing the different aspects of the person, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The tantric massage seeks to deactivate and relax the mind to open ourselves to a world to feel each touch, each sensation and each moment. Sensations take power over thoughts.

Do not pay attention to the prejudices, the tantric massage is neither more nor less, than the possibility to the continuation of life. Enjoy it without prejudice or prejudice of any kind.

A Massage is an immense Caress and a Caress can give more Love in a minute than words in an hour.

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